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National Council for Tibb is a Body Corporate, established under section 3 of UAH Act 1965, to promote and popularize the Unani, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic System of Medicine, to regulate education and research in and to provide for the registration of practitioners of those systems of medicine, presently working under the administrative control of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination Islamabad.

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  • National Council for Tibb, proudly announcing the 3 month online course on Clinical research under the CPD program.

President Message

Over periods of time, different cultures develop certain customs, rituals and medical practices. The history of traditional medicine dates back thousands of years even before the advent of modern medicines. According to WHO, 80% of the developing world population rely on traditional medicines which is either the main or sometimes the only source for treating the disease. There are growing concerns about the side effects of certain drugs and therefore more and more people across the world are becoming interested in the alternative and safer way to treat a disease and promote health. Recently, Chinese scientist got the noble prize for finding out the treatment for malaria through Artemisia, a medicinal plant.

Folk medicines have deep roots in Pakistan. Medicinal plants play a significant role in fulfilling the health vacuum in the country. Different traditional methods are applied by the local traditional medical practitioners. The most popular systems practiced in the region are the “Greek medicines”, “Greeco-Islamic medicines” and “Prophetic medicines/Tibb-e-Nabwi”. All involve the administration of herbs or their combination to treat the infections. Locally known as “Hakeem” or “Pansaari” have contributed significantly to society in terms of educating the next generation, influencing the cultural norms and providing an economical next door healthcare facility.

Vision & Mission


To recognize itself as world’s most trusted, ethical, compassionate respected and admired health system of the world


Serve humanity with colour blind commitment, leadership and excellence by providing quality healthcare at affordable cost ensuring healthy society worldwide through research. -To produce knowledgeable, skilled and caring Hakeems committed to improvement of human life. Provider of superior services to its patients through clinical innovations and ethical values at an affordable cost.

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NCT Members Profile

Hk. Muhammad Ahmad Saleemi

Post Office Qarshi Dawakhana, New Shalimar, Multan Road, Lahore. Mob: 0333-4281267, 03228476910

Hakeem Sirajuddin Chandio

Office No. 14-15, Mezzanine Floor, Spanish Homes Apartments, Main Korangi Road, DHA, Phase-1, Karachi. Mob:0321-2005535

Vaid Muhammad Jamil Khan

43-Chowk Nisbat Road, Lahore. Res: 042-7229558 ,746313 Moblile: 0333-4400869

Hakeem Arfin Saeed

Al-Saeed Dawakhana, Kansi Road, Quetta Mobile: 0300-9387785

Hakeem Haji Abdul Wahid Shamsi

Mohallah Nawaban Chaman Kali, Takht Bhai, Mardan Mobile: 0345-9344250


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